It sounds odd, but “white noise”, such as the continuous, monotonous sound of a vacuum cleaner or ocean waves, has been recognized by the experts as an effective calmer.

Your baby was surrounded by constant comforting white noise before they were born. Mom’s heart beat and the sound of the blood pulsing through the placenta were the sounds your baby was used to before birth. Life outside Mom’s body can be very unnerving and upsetting for your newborn. There are too many new sounds which can overload your little one’s senses creating a cranky and stressed baby.

BabySleep Sounds white noise CD can help recreate that comforting familiar environment your baby was used to and now misses so much. This effective tool will help you relieve and calm your baby – helping her to sleep quicker than you thought possible and will leave you and your baby less stressed and much happier.

8 high fidelity tracks of soothing white noise.

Each track is over eight minutes of high fidelity sound. We gently faded each track at the beginning and end and produced minimal gaps between tracks.

This feature is excellent for repeating favorite sounds. Your baby will not be startled by the start and stop of each track like many other white noise CDs available on the market today.

Track Samples